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TA TeacherAPP: Malina Fabri by HaniHunni TA TeacherAPP: Malina Fabri by HaniHunni

Personal Information
Bullet; Orange Name: Malina Fabri
Bullet; Black Age: 24
Bullet; Orange Gender: Female
Bullet; Black Height: 5'6"
Bullet; Orange Weight:130lbs
Bullet; Black Birthday: April 20th
Bullet; Orange Talents: Dance (All sorts. Very well rounded. Even some dancing like tektonic, shuffle ETC)
Bullet; Black Personality: Can get pretty sassy, is calm in her sarcasm though so sometimes you don't know if she's joking or not. A Kind teacher but if you misbehave in her class she will ask you to leave and then talk to you about it later.
Bullet; Orange History: Wasn't much of an artist as she was a dancer growing up. She started dance at the age of 3 because, well, her mother wanted her to. She was gifted and also loved it. When she was older (Around 8-10) She got a slight knack for art because she saw what her best friend was doing (Who was a good few years older than her) and thought "Wow I wish I could do that!" and asked said friend to teach her, and she did. Years of Dance and art later, she found herself in college going there for a double major in Dance (Of all sorts) and also a fine arts degree. She wanted to teach kids like her friend taught her.

Academic Information
Bullet; Orange Grade Year: 4
Bullet; Black Class[es]: Dance I and Art II.
Bullet; Orange Number of Students wanted: 20
Bullet; Black Experience: If you mean Malina's. then very. If you mean mine (as the artist) and in a teacher Rp group fashion, Slight experience.

Roleplay Information
Bullet; Black Chatroom Availability: I'm unsure- probably not much
Bullet; Orange Best RP By: (Notes, Comments,Skype,Other) AIM, ocassionally Skype and botes
Bullet; Black How did you find Towers-Academy?: I was invited. By:
Bri-Sama14 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Headmaster: Hello there I do hope that your teacher is still teaching at Towers-Academy? If so continue reading, if not reply (OC Name) Not Teaching

:note: If you are still teaching at Towers DO NOT reply to this message. All information listed tells you where and how to submit information needed

:police: Warning Please Read All Information Carefully.

You need you to make sure you are included on the following rosters
:bulletorange: Student/Teacher Log
:bulletblack: Main Classes

:note: If for any reason you are not listed please make sure to leave a comment on the blog or leave a group note

We need some new and creativity event ideas to get the semester started. An event were the students and teachers will interact will each and have fun. Or an event that will get more teachers to join us at Towers

:note: If you have any event ideas send a NOTE to Bri-Sama14 title TA- Event Ideas

We are trying to make Towers a better environment for students and teachers to and attend, If you have any points please give them to Ms. Wright Bri-Sama14. Points will be given to her until we have a student council treasurer.

:note: Giving points is not required but is appreciate so we can have a super group.
TheNekoHufflepuff Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow, she's beautiful! :D
HaniHunni Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thanks so much man!
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February 26, 2014
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